I took my Dean EVO Special Select to have new pickups installed. The person working on my Dean, DRILLED freaking holes in my guitar. I am assume he did this for one of 2 reason:

1) to try and use the pickup ring to push the pickup back in alignment with the strings.

2) the pick up was crooked and he was trying to make it look straight.

I am wondering if it within my legal right to have the shop owner replace the guitar? He has offered to fill the holes with wood fiiler but that still doesn't help the resale value at all.

Help Please!!!
I'd push for a replacement ... hard! Screw the fillers and fixes, you went to them expecting a pro job, they mutilated it. Of course it'll affect the resale value if you decide to resell it. If you plan to keep it forever, it's only fair to keep a pristine guitar, no matter how inexpensive.

The tech who worked on did not call me or the owner before drilling. I did not notice it until I got home. I noticed the pickup ring was sitting rather crooked. The pickup was not in alignment with the strings and there is poping in my toggle switch and volume loss when shifting from the top pickup to the bottom pickup.
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Thats harsh. I'd go in and sort sumfin out wit them it aint fair them mutilatin ure guitar
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They shouldn't have done that. I would ask them to replace. Even if the guy fills the holes, they are still there. It's your guitar and you shouldn't have to accept that.
threaten to sue and take like 1000 bucks cash. itll cost them more if you even try to sue.
it's like when people get fired on purpose and then they threaten to sue and demand money instead of taking it to court. it's pretty effective to be honest.
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Did he explain to you what he was going to do with it before doing it?

Thats a pretty unacceptable thing to do to someones guitar with out warning, and offering to fill the holes is not a satisfactory re-inbursement.

Push for a replacement.

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And I would definitely go talk to them and see what they would do. Don't threaten with sueing at first either, that's juvenile. See if you can come up with a reasonable solution to get a replacement, or some sort of compensation. But if you go in all bad ass and threaten, they won't cooperate, and it's not really that much money to be threatening over. Be civil!