Your voice is incredible... so I guess it's just as well that the music is almost too low to hear.

EDIT: And hot, I see. Why are you not famous yet? Get on that.

EDIT 2: I just listened to you Summer Wine cover, and seriously, WHAT THE ****? Drop whatever you're doing and go make it big, already! It sounded INCREDIBLE. You need to be doing you singer-songwriter thing on tour, getting your CD sold at Starbucks... shit, anything!
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Wow, you should try some grunge songs maybe, I really like your voice. I like the sound of alcohol/cigarettes, I have that sound in my voice too

Rated you 5 stars, but my recommendations would be to read up on some mic technique stuff, unless the lack of sound quality was just due to the conditions of the recording. What gear do you use to record?

Crit mine? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=973739
thanks everyone. <3 <3
well, i use like..the cheapest mic and crappy amp so..
i`m aware of the bad sound quality, hope i`ll fix it one day.
i have some plans for the next year though.. singing in a jazz bar and busking.
that might help buying better equipment.

and there`s no starbucks in my country but thanks for advice ^^