Your music reminds me of Dr.Acula, especially Fornicating the Wounded.
Get the **** off my knife just won't play for me though. No clue why.
I like what I heard though.
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Really? I wonder why :S
But thank you! Dr. Acula is probably a good influence my music too.
I re-recorded Fornicating the Wounded like 4 minutes ago haha, It'll be up on the myspace soon hopefully!
I'm not really one for deathcore but that was pretty good. The booms were ****ing insane, almost overdone, and you're not that bad of a vocalist. The bass drum(???) in Betray the Undying ****ed up the whole song though dude...

How exactly did you record this?
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Yeah I used an entire different bass drum/snare for Betray the Undying, which I was sad about as well. I think I'll re-do it soon.

To record it, I used my amp for both guitar and vocals, which is a Marshall MG30. I have a halfstack too but it doesn't have a headphone jack, so I couldn't do direct input recordings with it.
and for the drums, i used fruityloops, I'm really good with FL I've been told haha.
Sorry for the double Post.

BUT! I also re-recorded Fornicating the Wounded, for those who didn't like the old 96Kbps version.
I re-recorded it and it's now running at a lovely 320Kpbs and the 2 last breakdowns are different.