I have a Fender Rumble amp, and an Ibanez 4 string bass. When i plug in It crackles then makes a progressively louder and faster clicking noise. What would be causing this? Its not a super expensive bass, but this shouldn't be happening.
Could be the jack on either the amp or the bass. If you're trying to push the rumble up to it's limit you could be making it clip. Try turning the volume on the amp down. I've heard that a lot of rumbles are lemons too. You could have just gotten a bad one.

As for the jack on the bass, you could open it up and check and see if all the solder connections are still in place (the grounding wire may have come undone). As for checking the amp, you could try plugging a different bass into it. If the crackling does not happen with the different bass, the problem is definitely with your bass.
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Sounds like the cable to me. I had this problem a few months ago, and it turns out it was the cable just dying. A faulty ground sounds more like a "Bzzzz" noise IMO.
IT could be something to do with little surges or electricity through or deplishes. Its a rough explanation but it could be it. Try some different plug sockets.
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Plug in before you turn on the amp! that might be causing the crackle when you plug in.
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Plug in before you turn on the amp! that might be causing the crackle when you plug in.

yes this could be one problem, and also get a new cable...
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I seem to have a lot of problems like this. A few possible problems/solutions:

-Grounding problem. Plugging my amp into a surge protector usually helps with this.
-Cables are loose. Make sure they're plugged in all the way.
-If you have active pickups, your battery might be dying.
-Amp could just be turned up too loud, especially if it's not built to handle a bass like yours.
It might be the amp. Try turning it down a little.
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