I'm thinking of buying a new distortion pedal, and I am stuck between the Electroharmonix Metal Muff, or the Micro Metal Muff.

If you guys have any suggestions between these two, I'd love some advice. Or, if you have other pedals that'd be good, that'd be amazing as well.

I play mostly really low, deep sounding metal, like Kittie.
I feel a little wiitarded....

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Have you got enough money for the full one? Do you need it to be as small as the Micro?
The full sized one would be better I'd imagine. If there even is a difference. Don't bother with the little one.


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i hear the ProCo rat is pretty good.
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i have the Boss Heavy Metal MH-2 and the Marshall Guv'Nor and i get some pretty awesome thrash tones, or even lamb of god stuff.
i haven't heard much kittie, so i dunno how deep it is.
i suggest those.