We're a metalcore/progressive/hardcore band from Wilmington, Delaware (In U.S.)

Good shows coming up (playing with Rose Funeral) and we've played with Salt the Wound, Knights of the Abyss and other national touring band. We just got our myspace redone and you guys should give us a listen.

We've grown a LOT since the replies below.

Here's the link : www.myspace.com/swallowedbythetide
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Re-recorded the vocals and the new mp3 is up on the link above. Thanks for the crit DrPants
I can't hear the vocals so good on the vid, but they don't sound too bad. The music is pretty good, but for f-ck's sake move around some. I know the stage is small, but damn....
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Vocals: Really, really, really need work. Especially the singing.
Guitar: Turn up the mids on your amp and the treble down. Your playing is almost there, but it's not tightened up. In parts I can hear it being really sloppy.
Bass: Can't really hear anything not following the guitar.
Drums: Cant really hear in the recordings.

Live: Your stage presence was pretty bad, and it didn't get me into the music. Your stage left guitar player headbangs a lot, but it's really uncoordinated lol, along with the bass player. Stage right guitar player didn't move hardly at all. Singer was stiff as hell too.

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