not sure if this is the best section for this thread... there doesn't seem to be a place dedicated to vocals.

anyway... Vocals and smoking:

how does smoking affect vocals? I'm thinking harsh mostly but clean can be discussed as well.

would smoking help to strengthen your throat, like a callous, thereby making it easier to do harsh vocals without it hurting?

or... would it deteriorate your throat tissue making it more painful?

i know either way, you should have a technique that doesn't hurt you, pain is there for a reason... to tell you not to do something. but does anyone have any experience that would shed some light on this? I guess the only way to tell is if someone had been doing harsh vocals for a while before taking up smoking.

I myself am a non-smoker and do harsh backing vocals (in addition to drumming) for my band Odinfist. It rarely hurts me to do my vocals, this idea came to mind because I have a bit of a cold and a sore throat today (which does make harsh vocals hurt a bit).

either way, there's no good reason to take up smoking.
go the singing thread. its a sticky on this page.
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You don't smoke, and you are considering taking it up to do harsh vocals, even though they don't hurt you at the moment.

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I have no idea. I took 1 draught once and it ****ed up my voice.

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how does smoking affect vocals?

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You don't smoke, and you are considering taking it up to do harsh vocals, even though they don't hurt you at the moment.


agreed. i think its very dumb to pick up a terrible habit just because youre not happy with your voice. there are many training programs and techniques to get your voice harsh, use those. i smoke, and though it does make my singing voice more hoarse, i doubt it would help you that much. but i dont scream when i sing, so
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The is an only singing thread in the Musician's Talk forum. Please go there.

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