Hey guys.

Considering my Warlock appears to not be selling, and i really want to keep my musicmans. I need to get rid of this bass.

Its a gorgeous Sparkle green finish. Wide string spacing. Comes with Seymour duncan SJB5 pups. Kill switch. Good player for the money! Comes with a gigbag. Has a Fender decal. Made in Indonesia.

I seriously want to keep this bass as my backup 5 string, But it is more likely more to sell then my warlock.

Has had an extensive setup and intonating since i took possession of it.

Remember guys, This has 80 quids worth of pickups in it!

£140 Shipped. Or 120 Picked up from bristol. FIRM.

Pedulla MVP5
Gibson Grabber
Warmoth Antigua PJ
Ovation Magnum 1
And before i forget.

Payment via paypal from verified addresses only! Or Cheque, However i will not post until cleared. Or cash on collection.
Pedulla MVP5
Gibson Grabber
Warmoth Antigua PJ
Ovation Magnum 1
Man, I wish this was in the US, because I'd totally buy it
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