heres a new song Im making. Tell me if I should finish. The pre-chorus and chorus are a little out of my style, but I think it sounds fine to me. Im thinking of adding an acoustic part after that then maybe a new distorted part, then verse, chorus, solo, climax, acoustic ending.
song 27.zip
Excellent ****ing leads!!!!!!!!!!!!

It reminds of Misery Signals with a slight of Meshugah/Pantera and just some original melodies.
The addition of the strings really rounds it out.

Your composition skills are excellent. I love how the beginning fills in like puzzle fragments being placed together.
Now that I listen to it again, I hear more of an Agalloch/August Burns Red sort of vibe. Still Misery Signals inspired, I assume.

Just finish it up, and you'll be good.
Right now, I'll say this is an 8.5/10. Maybe 9. 9.5 if it was finished.

You could crit mah pieces as well (that are in my sig).
I don't have any of epic songs at the moment, so bare with me.
I just started listening to this song again today while just randomly listening to my songs and wow. I really need to finish this!

I havnt made songs in forever and I dunno if I still can(whenever I play my songs it just seems like it was impossible I could of made that...), but Im going to try to make an awesome ending to this song.