His solo acoustic version for those who don't know it

Here is the incomplete tab I'm working with. He definitely varies the beginning, but that I like to change on my own.

d ----------------------------------------(o)------0--
A ----------------------------------------(o)------0--
F ----x--x--------------------------------(o)------6--
C ----x--x-------0h2p0--------------------(o)------7--
G ----x--x--0h2-----------------3--/-5---5thfret------
D -0------------------------------------harmonic------

The bridge(?) section is A and G chords.

Does anyone have any information on his techniques used in this song? Tabs online are incomplete everywhere I look. I know the first two shapes he uses in the song but get stumped here:

I know he uses the 5th fret harmonics but he always plays a little riff before repeating the entire thing.

This man is a genius - could anyone shed light?
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Still working on it. I'll post when I've figured it out.

Seems like he is using his pinky to hammer-on as well as strike harmonics on the top few strings.

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