im looking for some sweaters now that winter is coming, but i really can't find anything i like. i've looked at JC Penney, Amazon.com, and Kohls, but none of them really have anything good.
im looking for more of a, dare i say it, "indie" looking sweater. you know, slim fit, stripes or argyle, crew neck, etc.

this is the only one i found that i liked the look of (night marl)

if you know what im talking about, do you have any websites to recommend?
They are everywhere over here, actually. Id wear one.

Call me Patrick! My username sucks anyway
i had also looked at CCS, but they seem to only have women's sweaters.
and to clarify, im looking for SWEATERS, not hoodies.
thanks for the links senorsmiley.

edit: also, nothing too expensive. $80 for a sweater is a bit much, for me.
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No probs. Lucky Brand is cool stuff and it lasts. Plus it's made in USA so you're helping the economy. Some Macy's stores sell Lucky as well.
up here in good ol' canada, we rely on wal-mart.

yea i know, how red-necky of us, but hell, it beats $50 shirts at a designer place

but in the US....

Go to a used clothing store.
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I don't like sweaters. I much prefer moaners and screamers, but scratchers... whooh...they are fun too.
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