So Ive been playing the guitar for around 4 months but I found out I really want to play the bass, Ive play it in my schools music class and I like it more, I asked my guitar teacher If I can learn both the bass and the guitar and he said no. I asked my school teacher I should switch to the bass but he said I should keep on with the guitar. But I want to learn and play the bass, but well at least learning the guitar will help me in the bass somewhat. So do you think I should wait till like april 2009(I would have like one year experience with the guitar) or should I wait later or just get a bass this christmas?

keep on learning guitar through the school, get a bass, learn it using techs. from guitar and UG (well, duh) and that should fix everythiung
get a bass at christmas sweet! so I can learn both the bass and guitar at the same time?
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I say keep pressing forward with the guitar. Versatility is a wonderful trait.

I've been a bassist for 4ish or so years. I've sorta started a band and gotten into songwriting and whatnot. As it turns out, the way the band has come together, I'm playing rhythm guitar.

Its nice to have the versatility to do that.

Also, a basic knowledge of the guitar is really handy when writing songs. It's difficult to write a song based solely off of a bassline (IMO). I find it easier to write the guitar part, and the lyrics, then...at the end, let the bass fill the gap. Knowing a little about guitar has made this easier.

So I say, keep pressing forward with both instruments. Just practice the one you get hte most out of more...
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both guitar and bass ok but do you think like they wont get in the way of each other
There's nothing wrong with learning both, providing you're giving both adequate attention. That's probably what your teacher is concerned about, that you'll abandon one for the other when you've already put a lot of work into the guitar.

That said, if you really want to do both, go for it man! As said above, versatility is a great thing to have. If you feel that passionately about it, don't let anyone tell you not to. Just make sure you're giving both a fair shake.
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