wall of text but bear with me please!

basically this guitar is neck heavy so when you stand up it tilts down. because of this the strap button nearest the neck wiggles around in the hole where the nail goes and therefore makes the hole bigger and the nail keeps falling out. my guitar teacher told me to put cocktail sticks into the hole so the nail will stay in but im now using 4 of them and it isnt a long term solution. Can anyone help???

thanks in advance
Take out the button, fill in the hole, and redrill it. Thats the only long-term solution i can think of thats realistic.
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Glue the cocktail things in, it'll keep for a good time.

Or, I'm not sure it would work, but maybe trying some wood filler? It might work, but I think something might happen that you really don't want happening; unfortunatly, I've forgotten what it is.
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you could drill a new hole on the back of the body or somewhere else on the wing thingy. Getting new strap buttons/screws might help that not happen again as well.
I have an epi Firebird and I think its one of the greatest guitars out there, especially for its price. The neck is a little bigger than other guitars but it gives you great practice on the wrist.
i know that all people with thunderbird basses (same body) drill new holes for the strap...that's the common flaw for firebirds/thunderbirds. google it.
you could relocate the hole which if you search on google to find a place to balence more even or the simplest solution fill and drill
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