I recently picked up an acoustic/electric guitar, and I'm teaching myself as I go. My question is regarding hooking it up to an amp. I would only be playing my guitar here at home, because of this, is it overkill thinking of picking up an amp? I would just be interested in a small 15w or so designed for acoustic guitars, and I've seen some for around $100. It's obvious that it would be mandatory to have an amp w/ an electric, but is it normal to use one with an acoustic other than using it to play at gigs, or with others?

It may sound dumb, but I would like to be able to take advantage that I do have a jack to connect to an amp, but at the same time, I'm wondering if it would just be a waste to get one?

Hope this question makes sense, and thanks in advance for any opinions.
its a waste if u dont really play in a band or something because an acoustic is loud enough without an amp if ur not playing with a full emsamble..but if u have the money u might as well just for the hell of it.
If you haver money to just spend without repercussion, why not?
But it's entirely unnecessary. I always play my acoustic at home, and I never use an amp. If I was to bring my acoustic to band practice, I would need an amp though. (However, I would also need to install a pickup or get a new guitar :p