Hey everybody

So I am in the modding fever haha I did pretty much everything I could do for the sound (new pickups/new electronics) on My Epi Les Paul Standard so now I want to go at the hardware. I really enjoy playing guitars with tremolos so I figured the best thing other than buying a strat would be a tremolo on my Les Paul. I found some stuff online like a

which seems to be pretty easy and does not require to drill any more holes in my baby. Which is really one of the things I would hate to do, drilling I might be ok with, but cutting out whole pieces is definitely not on my agenda haha

So the only other option would be a

What do you guys think? would the first one of the two work? anybody have any experience? Does the sustain change a lot? Would I maybe need a roller bridge to go with it? something like this :Schaller Roller Bridge at Stewart-MacDonald

or is there another possibility which I did not mention yet?

Thank you for your help
I think you could get a Stetsbar, but they're really expensive...
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A stetsbar would be awesome, but expensive like Raijouta said. I would reccomend the Bigbsy, but get the roller bridge and some gooood tuners.
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i'd say +1 for the bigsby. they're good for subtle vibratto (think "Lenny" by SRV), up and/or down. but if you're looking for crazy divebombing solos and dimebag-esque harmonic screams, get soemthing else.
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