I heard boiling strings is good if you want the strings to sound like new but is there any cons to it? Like will they shrink or anything (that probably sounds pretty noobish) is there a chance they'll break after I boil them? and how long do I have to dry them before I can put them on again, and thanks in advance.

EDIT: I went to UG before google because I trust u guys more.
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i really have no idea but buying a new six dollar set of strings sounds great to me

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To boil them I guess you first have to remove them from your guitar and then put them back on again? that will be a pain in the ass. also, strings are made from metal, so by boiling them they'll probably rust
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They'll probably rust afterwards, but your best bet is to put em in coke (soda), let m sit for a bit, then in water.
Then dry em off with a hairdryer (If you use a towel, water will remain).
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Don't be such a tightwad and just pay for new strings!
Less faffing about and you get GAS when you enter the shop...mmmm

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i think ernie ball makes a string cleaner thing

also there is a thing called the swipe which prolongs the life of strings but doesnt clean them
Just buy new ones? i mean they may sound brand new, that doesnt MAKE them brand new, it was increase longevity of the strings, if anything it wouldshorten the life span.
if your gonna take off strings to boil them, might as well just put a new set o...i'll take a tissue and run it down my strings, and its amazing to see how much orange rust is on them.