I just got back from seeing it. I loved, I wasnt expecting much but I thought it was clever, and the ending

Who those who don't know what its about, its a kinda horror/action. This guy patrols this building in NY that caught fire, and in the mirrors like he sees things, like people dieing. And his and other peoples reflections like do things. When its not really happening. I won't give anymore away.

Anyone seen it? Thoughts?
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Nice bum >.> <.<
Isn't it a remake?
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I dont know why I do that, I like () do it when im speaking as well

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Isn't it a remake?

err kinda, On wiki it says it has some similarities to this koren film released in 2003
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Nice bum >.> <.<
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I enjoyed it. I went to see it today. Some parts were a bit predictable, some of the effects weren't quite up to scratch imo, but it was overall ok. I would defiantly recommend to go see this film.