sorry guys, another one of those which amp threads but i gotta get some questions answered.

Im looking at getting a new amp/pedals soon but abit undecided. I love fender, orange and marshall. I love all sorts of styles like jazz, blues, FUNK, country, classic to modern rock. I like metal, but dont really play much of it.

I really like the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and Orange Rocker 30 head (i have a cab)

So my budget is about 1000 bucks (500-600 pounds).

What do you suggest, is the hot rod really good if i put some sweet pedals with it and are there any more fender amps i should look at?

^Thats a joke, btw. Definately go for a Rocker. Ask an owner, they will only tell you good things about them.
i know i really couldnt say much for the genres he said...free bump tho right? and yeah orange rockerverb i ve heard stuff about from lots of people tho dont quote me