Okay im officially confused. How do you use a metronome? I've read alot of sites and it's not clicking! excuse the pun. Do I play everytime the meteronome CLICKS? and increase speed by increasing the BPM? or do I stay at same tempo but play two notes on each click? but if i played two notes on each click there would be a huge gap in the middle!??! someone please explain? would be really appreciated.
you have to have some working knowledge of "proper" sheet music

if a song is in 4/4 timing at 100bpm, you set the metronome to 100bpm (and select 4/4 if your metronome has different time sig features, its probably the default one anyway)

this is the hard part [prepare for dodgy knowledge of music]

if there was 4 quarter notes in a bar you'd play the 4 notes on the 4 clicks

if there was 8 eigth notes in the bar you'd play 8 equal notes, but every other one would fall on a click

you sort of have to get used to using it and know what youre supposed to acheive

to build up speed, play the riff at a slow BMP til its perfect, and i mean perfect

then increase say an extra 20BMP until its absolutely spot on

keep going til you reach your desired speed, but be patient, not nooby

that was probably a crap explaination, ask in musician talk maybe...theres probly a sticky
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Probably not the correct forum mate.

You treat each click as one beat. If you're playing crotchets (1/4 notes if you're American) you play one note per click (ie, you hit the note at the exact time that the click occurs). If you're playing quavers (1/8 notes) you play two notes per click (play one on the click, and one exactly half way between clicks), triplet quavers = three notes per click, semiquavers (1/16th notes) = four notes per click, etc...

To increase in speed you increase the BPM.