Hi UG.
A couple of months back now, I bought a pair of Bkp ceramic Painkiller pickups for my Schecter C-1 Classic.
To be perfectly honest, I had no idea about the 'ceramic' bit, he said it would give me tighter bass and keep things tight, which for metal I assumed was what I desired.

I feel they lack so much though... I often compare them to the JB and '59 in my Jackson DK2M, which totally destroy them IMO. I get more upset about it every time I plug in the Jackson, which I love the sound of but really dislike playing... the Schecter just really doesn't compare with the Bkp's in.

The Jb/59 are much higher output, more compressed (most evident on the clean channel), and just generally have a much better tone.
However, my Schecter came stock with the same set and didn't give the effect.
So I'm looking for a new set of pickups, I'm seriously considering a set of EMG's.
I'm not really into looking at alot of guitar gear all the time, so I'm not exactly sure what's in and what's not, I know basics but can't say I have alot of experience with alot of pickups.

I basically want a set of pickups similar to the JB/59, high output, fairly treble heavy so to speak, compressed, and not to sound too harsh with leads.
I use this guitar for Metal, and ocassionally hard rock. I don't particularly need versatility.

Suggestions please, UG
Make sure you're getting a good connection with the wiring and such, that doesn't sound like BKP at all.

I've heard some really bad pickups and yet they weren't too different than really good pickups as far as saying one is extremely poor while the others are extremely amazing. Sure, the invader is the worst pickup I've heard by far, but it's still not that different than my other guitar's pickups.

If you liked the JB/59 combo, why didn't you stick with it?
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Quote by sdmf.1919
The Jb/59 are much higher output

That short phrase tells me that you've wired them wrong, Painkillers have stupidly high output so either try again or get a pro to do it.
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As these guys are along the same lines - i have to be 90% in favour of human error rather than them seeming poor pickups.

If they are properly installed, they should kill the other set - i have had two L.P side by side with one JB/59 set in and the others being Holy Diver by BKP - the Holy Divers are just slightly hotter than the Painkillers and they just ate the JB/59 set in all respects.

Maybe speak to a qualified tech or Tim at BKP - he is great!
I know Nolly's got a set of Painkillers in his Blackmachine, maybe send him a PM for questions? I don't know of anyone else with Painkillers on this site.

And that does seem odd; BKPs are supposed to be like stupidly good [but stupidly expensive >_> ], so a bad sound is quite weird.
Yep they definitely shouldn't be weaker sounding than your JBs. Have you noticed a ground hum as well? Often output problems are down to a poorly soldered earth connections.

The Blackmachine did indeed have Painkillers in originally, though I've got some custom Cold Sweats in there now, which are rather nice.