On monday i am going to buy a new acoustic guitar.
I mainly play Metallica, The Unforgiven and fade to black etc.

- So i was wondering: Does James Hetfield play Western guitars (Steel-strings), or does i mainly play the songs on spanish/Classical guitars (Nylon-strings)?

- Peter
I think he plays a nylon string on the unforgiven and a regular acoustic on fade to black,nothing else matters and other songs like that.
I would go with the nylon string(just my preferance)

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Steel string I would say from what I've seen. I've never seen anyone play on a nylon string unless its classical. Anyway, the sound of a steel string is so much nicer.
Thanks, for the quick reply.

So is steel-stringed acoustic-guitars primary played with a pick or is it just as common to use finger picking?
^--Both are very common.

If you're wanting to play Metallica songs on an acoustic then a steel string would be better suited.
It's just as common to fingerpick as it is to play with a plectrum and really comes down to preference.
I saw a video of a live concert and they just turned off the distortion and played with their electrics. I think a nylon would be better for like the intros, but if you wanted to play whole songs acousticly, steel would be better. Both would work though.
I feel that steel strings are more versatile really so I'd go with those.

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