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The Darkest Illusion, add us if you dont mind our stuff.
I know the name is a little cliché I might throw a band meet
this week some time to discuss a new one. In the mean time
have a look and see.

We are a hardcore/metal band from Sydney Australia.


Ashton GA50
ESP F-10
Digitech DF-7

I need more $$$$
In the song "they will watch you fall", i really enjoyed that first guitar riff in the verse!

Good job, yall!

and as a side note, i personally don't have a problem with the name. its a tad cliche, but its not bad by any means.
I'm just another musician waiting to be famous.

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thanks man

we are thinking of re-recording that song when we have the money.
Some people have been complaining about the singer in the chorus.
He is a mate from another band, people think that i should sing it because
i do live.

See how that sounds when its done.
Might even get it mixed properly.
Not too happy with the quality of the mixing either.

Should have a few more new songs up soon as well

Ashton GA50
ESP F-10
Digitech DF-7

I need more $$$$