So, I'm not a noob guitarist, but never have bought any effects before. And I'm the lead guitarist for my college's pep band, which the director of it came and asked me to pick up a wah pedal for one of our songs.

I've been planning on buying a load of effect pedals coming up, but have been holding off till I bought my new guitar. For this, though, I was wondering a few things:

First: Would you recommend sticking to one brand, for most if not all your effect pedals? I was thinking this in terms of planning on positioning them on a pedal board, it'd be easier if they were all of the same kind.

Second: Which wah would your recommend? I was thinking of something like what Page uses on Whole Lotta Love, or something like Gilmour played on Darkside, and pre-darkside. Anyone know what Page used for Whole Lotta Love?

Third: What effects would your recommend purchasing and in what order?

Lastly: If planning on investing on a lot of pedals, would it be wise to get a pedal board right away?

Thanks everyone. Just not experienced in this field much at all.
Ok well...A wah is a pretty standard effect. A Crybaby would be ok. I used a Morley Bad Horsie 2 for pep band. If you haven't been a wah user before it's nice because its only on when you step on it. It turns off when you take your foot off. I liked that as many pep tunes are quick and sort of impromptu. What amp guitar are you running. TBH for pep stuff you don't need lots of effects. I would simply run wah, OD, phaser, chorus, tremolo, delay. That covered pretty much everything they could throw at you, but I don't know the types of songs y'all play.

As for sticking to one brand, I say no. Find each effect you want and get the one that does what you want it to do. I have Boss, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, Danelectro and some custom built pedals on my board. I got each one for how it sounds. Look on my profile for what exactly I run

Also, you can build a pedalboard on the cheap. It really helps cut back setup and tear-down time. Just go piece of plywood, get some carpet (marine grade carpet is the best IMHO) and put the carpet on. Put velcro on the bottoms of your pedals, hook everything up and stick it to the board. And you are set. I put another piece uder the topside to angle my board and some handles on it to make carrying it easier. It only cost me about $16

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