Hey guys,

I've been saving for a while and I'm FINALLY ready to buy my first electric.

I have around $300 (usd) to spend, but I could potentially go up to $500 for the right guitar...

After reading threads here and several buyers guides I'm thinking a fat strat might be what I want, but I figured it could only be beneficial to ask you guys here on UG:

I play mainly grunge, stoner (I know a lot of that sound has to do w/ amp choice and tunings...), punk, and some RHCP-style funk, but I like to experiment w/ different genres and sounds so I guess it'd be good to get something pretty versatile

Also, am I better off buying new or getting a better quality used instrument?

Thanks so much!
go used
play many
get the strat if u versatility
or id recommend i schecter with coil taps
Call me Justyn

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It'll help if you went with someone who's already experienced.

This person can explain the differences between single coils and humbuckers, a fixed bridge versus a tremolo, switches, coil taps vs coil splits, Mahogany vs Alder vs Basswood, quality of the various models by the main manufacturers (Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Schecter, Jackson, Dave_Mc's favorite, Edwards , Squier, etc.) ...

This person will steer you to a nice, affordable tube amp vs. some Solid State amp.

Good Luck!