Okay to get this started.

I don't believe in the afterlife. I have been raised as a logical thinker thanks to my Dad, and after reading up several theories of the Afterlife I've come to the belief that it couldn't have happened. But I'm still open minded about it.

It's just lately I haven't felt the need for life. I believe that nothing happens for a reason. That everything you do affects the future in some way. And none of it was pre-destined.

That means I don't believe that there is one person that I'll make happy for the rest of their life. That I believe that I will have a good life. It means I believe I have to make it myself.

Because of this, I've felt a lack of motivation over the years. I'm 17 years old. I entered high school doing very well after being moved up a year. I came out of high school with fairly good grades, but no where near the best. I hit college and I got shit AS results because I couldn't motivate myself and I fear I'll do this again.

And I've thought about it loads. Every scenario. And I've come to the conclusion: I don't feel that I care if I die tomorrow. Sure, I wouldn't kill myself. It just wouldn't bother me if I died. And I think this is because I don't have anything to work forward to in the grand scheme of things. Many of my friends are Christians, and they live happy lives knowing that they are doing something. Whilst I don't. I feel useless.

So I've just realized... I want to believe in the afterlife. But I just can't.

So Pit, has anyone else felt like this? And if you do believe in the afterlife, please share your beliefs in them.

DO NOT MOCK OTHER PEOPLES BELIEFS. I'd like this to be a nice discussion.