So I'll be meeting with a group of friends tomorrow, and it will be our first band meeting. We definitely have potential, and not to be arrogant, but I think that every member is extremely talented. I'm just curious. What sort of things should we talk about or do? Thanks!

Okay... Talk abotu the direction, how much input each member is goign to put in the music. What covers if any. And some otehr stuff which other people will talk about in this thread
Talk about:
- Musical tastes
- The genre you want to be
- Dedication to the band
- Influential bands that you lije
- Band members past experiences
- JAM!
- Band Name

we spent 2 years thinking of a band name before we actually wrote any material...
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One thing I have learned is that when the band gets serious have "band meetings" somewhere other then your practice space.
you talk about the one of your friends who is not in the band that thinks he has musical talent and sucks up to you then make him carry your stuff and set up
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