i think this may be in the wrong forum.. BUT here goes anyways
the band i'm in has a very nooby drummer, we wanted to play songs like gimme shelter by the rolling stones but he said the drum tab was too hard.. so i'm looking for some easy drum songs.. we play 60s/70s songs.. and i don't know squat about drums so i really don't know how to pick an easy song.. so i came to the pit for help.. once again sorry if its the wrong forum
Anything by the White Stripes
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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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Any White Stripes song.

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Holy shit, Gimme Shelter is insanely easy.

Make him listen to the Grand Funk version, though. It is better.
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AC/DC songs don't seem to hard, i managed to work out a rough idea of how they go with no real drum experience.
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