So I've narrowed down the guitar I want to buy down to three.

1. Fender Telecaster '72 Deluxe reissue

2. Epiphone LP Custom

3. Gibson LP Classic

I'll be playing mostly alternative, punk, and pop/punk music, though I might delve a bit heavier, like muse or three days grace. Nothing too heavy.

Furthermore, in light of me being so close to decision, I was just curious if anyone wanted to suggest a 50 watt amp which I could purchase, as well. It has to be a combo, but tube or solid state does not matter, as the final choice of which amp ultimately comes down to me. But yes. Just some jolly ideas! Ah. And aside from my 2,00o dollar budget for guitar, max. I would also prefer not to go above 1,200 dollars for an amp, unless I absolutely have to. Thanks!

If you need to know what pedals I'll be using, just ask. And I'll be happy to post.
i would get a cheaper guitar and nicer amp. as in:

Peavey sumthing or other

for a guitar probly the gibby
get an epiphone elitist, and an orange rockerverb 50, and that puts you about 800 under budget.
I would go Epi Les Paul and a nicer amp. For your amp I would suggest a Traynor YCS50

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Quote by Bloodshed
I would go Epi Les Paul and a nicer amp. For your amp I would suggest a Traynor YCS50

I don't think that traynor has independant gain though, so when he wants to play muse he wouldn't be able to without a pedal or two.
Although if you're going to be playing muse a fuzz is usually nice anyways.
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