my acoustic electric is coming out distorted
i first had this problem while playing an open mic
i thought it was their mixer, but i just plugged it into my mixer at home and it's having the same problem
could it be that my battery needs to be changed?
it's probably just the batteries. Did you check the cable? Try it on another guitar, if you have one.
i just got a brand new cable, it was my first time using the cable
so i'm sure it's not that
i'll get another 9 volt battery tomorrow to check on that
hopefully that's it
it's an expensive guitar, i'd hate for it to have to be repaired
If the pickup system on the guitar has a volume control, distortion at any volume setting indicates the problem is in the system and the battery is the very first thing to check.

When the battery gets weak, the preamp's input headroom is reduced and the pickup signal overdrives the gain section.

Has it gotten worse over time or did you just notice it?