You know, I liked this a lot more than most solos I hear here. It actually felt like it was going somewhere and doing something.

The one thing that really need improvement is that instead of sounding like one fluent solo, it kind of sounds like a collection of ideas. Where each idea lasts 1-2 bars, starts on the 1st beat and ends on the 4th. You never change an idea up in the middle of a bar, and the solo kind of falls into very plain rhythmic patterns.

Still it had a good melody and you almost always ended up on the right notes. I know that writing solos (especially in GP) can be really tough, so for your second solo this is damn good. The harmonized part at the even was very cool by the way.

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Sounds pretty good for 2nd time man, it reminds me of (the outro the solo) like an arch enemy solo, try harmonizing some parts to give it a good feel.

But otherwise great work, like someone said, its better than most of the solos on here b/c it ain't all break neck speed, great job! and thanks for critiquing mine too =)
thats really good for second work , but to be honest i can't really ahre the thought that this is going to somewhere, it sounds pretty nice until 21 in my opinion , from then it gets a bit inharmonic , mybe instead of riffing you could add another solo in a different key signature , I also realized that it sounds quite scaly if you listen through until bar 21 , maybe you could add slower parts or sweeps or pedal tone or whatever to make it more interesting , or you can give to it a lead melody which is quite difficult in my opinions so maybe thats a bit much for the second try
also you could have put a bit more work into the drums

all in all quite ok
crit mine? Lash Out

Thanks in advance , Greymane