if i have to choose between Rise Against's new album or Senses Fail's new album, which should i get???
I'm pretty sure they both suck...
but i'm more sure senses fail's sucks
but i like old senses fails better than rise against
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Yeah you were right about me
well i dont care if you start flaming me, but from what i've heard, i kinda like both of em...
any other opinions?

edit: i wasnt totally sure where to put it, but i would kinda consider them pop punk ( a tad, i hate all these precise genres)
The new Rise Against sucks.

I don't like Senses Fail.
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looking at the lyrics, im basically choosing between a CD about economic problems, or drinking and death...ahaha
New Matt Pryor CD.
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The new Rise Against was sooooooooo disappointing. Not that any of their shit is really great, but this new one is just terrible. As for Senses Fail, I don't listen to them at all.

If you're looking for a really good cheap CD the Ambitions full length is on sale for $5 at the Bridge 9 site. Awesome shit.
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If you're looking for a really good cheap CD the Ambitions full length is on sale for $5 at the Bridge 9 site. Awesome shit.

am gonna have to grab that

if you havnt already got it forget the 2 you suggested an get revolutions by rise against instead
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Get a Minus The Bear cd.

+ 7.8 billion. Get Menos El Oso. Best $10 ever.

but if it has to be one of those 2, i'd go for senses fail. Appeal To Reason sucked a fat one IMO.
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Same exact thing.
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I'd personally rather have a lobotomy.

Failing that, you could check out the recommendations thread to see which albums/artists people really recommend strongly.
Go with Rise Against, I don't like either of them, but I prefer Rise Against. That being said, most people tell me their new album is awful.
I like the new Rise Against AND Senses fail albums. After listening to them both recently I find I play the Rise Against album more but there is still some awesome Senses Fail songs on their new album (You just really gotta be into Senses Fails style). I don't know why everyone is saying the new Rise Against album sucks, it sounds the same as their old shit and there is several good tracks.
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How is the Rise Against album bad? So it isn't nearly as good as their past albums, I enjoyed it a lot.

The Senses Fail album wasn't to great though
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