i have two songs on my page. i play all the insturments. im not a great drummer (ive only been playing a couple of months) . i use my digitech rp250 guitar pedal to record with. i have a yamaha dd65 drum kit. and a fender stratocaster. so tell me what you think of my songs! im only 13 and i have played guitar for about 3 years.

thanks -

ps: please cirtique
your timing. but you are pretty good. i wish i could do sweeps haha

EDIT: for god's sake buy a metronome!
EDIT 2: also you keep having the same formula "rhythm, tempo change, solo end". i know they are only 2 songs but they sound the same. oh yeah and you should try to play a little "cleaner" i can hear a few mistakes there.
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is it the drums that throw everything off? or is all the instruments all over the place?

thank you for all your comments
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But I agree with the others timing needs to do better.

Check out my song(link in sig)
add me if you have a myspace and like it.

thank you for your comment. i listened to your song, it was great but the vocals need work.

is the drums that need the work on timing or is it all the instruments??