I'm a guitarist of almost a year, and I want to get an acoustic bass for christmas this year, since i don't have enough space in my apartment to get a new amp for an electric bass. Any recommendations on which brand to get? I have a $400 budget, by the way. I'm not sure if I should list my music tastes, since acoustics don't vary as much as electrics. Also, would it be recommended to get an acoustic bass with a curved-in body or not?
400 buck, eh?

With that much cash your not going to find anything decent, maybe an e-bay miracle, but thats about it. Sorry.
Most people agree the only good acoustic bass is the Tacoma Thunderchief and that's well out of your price range. Why not just get a squier VM bass and get a small practice amp because you don't have room
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searchbar. it is a great place to look for such things.
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Samick, Dean, Ibanez, SX, Fender, Ovation/Applause and Michael Kelly all have acoustic basses in that price range.

You might want to scan the local pawn shops for electric stuff...an acoustic bass is a hard thing to work with. Without an amp, they are easily over powered by even a single acoustic guitar. The exception is the Tacoma Thunderchief, which is more than double your budget.
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