is it a good idea, wooden oscar schmidt, i want to do something like blue and black, what kind of pain should i use? is there a certain type thats only for guitars? if i take the strings off will anything bad happen, i heard about some band taking all the strings off and then the neck fell off

will it alter the sound? if it does, is there anything i can do before hand to stop it from changing sound?

its almost exactly like this except for the cool fretboard, mine is just the standard dots

mine was about $130
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i guarantee you, unless your guitar is total shit, the neck won't fall off. and i've never painted an acoustic guitar, but i've done a few electrics, and i use duplicolor spray paint, but if u have a paint/spray gun, then thats a lot better, and i usually go to my friend's house before i do the final clear coat and use his spray gun, just because it comes out a lot smoother that way