ok i'm looking for good cleans (hints the fender) to slash like stuff with the help of the blues driver. what do you guys think of this possible future combo.
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yes, pointing it at your head will send the sound towards your head.

it's the same with guns too, before you go testing that one.
ehh, it's ok, but i think at Peavey Classic 30 might be better, in the gain department
A Classic 30 would be miles better. Its clean arnt quite as good as the BJ but its still pretty damn good. Then the OD crushes the BJ is every possible way.
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if yoru looking for another 15 watter look into blackheart handsome devil

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

You're not realy going to get close to a slash like sound with a fender amp.
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I got the keeley modded blues driver into a blues junior that that sound is sweeeeeeet
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dont get a bj not enough gain for slash stuff, an orange rocker 30 might serve you better though
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Quote by beefeater267
I got the keeley modded blues driver into a blues junior that that sound is sweeeeeeet

I completely agree, in fact I am looking for that same pedal, I have used one. But it's not Slash's tone or even close. Great set up though.

Get a used Classic 30, Traynor YCV50 or JTM30 off craigslist, the latter the better...
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