Alright heres the deal:

I have this work van, '96 ford aerostar
so the battery died today while we were listening to music
and my buddy drives up to boost it
turns out we connected the booster cables wrong.
lots of sparks, almost welded the booster cable to the battery.

we finally got the battery charged enough
and it starts fine, only now my interior lights dont work, my speedometer and odometer dont work and neither does my radio. The rest all works.
Also my engine seems like its stuck in overdrive and the overdrive light flashes, but pressing the button doesnt help.

So i went home check the connections, reconnected the battery...same problem.

since this is not my van and my boss is quite proud of his vehicles, i need help.

any car mechanics in the pit ?

Thanks ahead.
you probably juts blew most of the fuses, putting the cables on backwards is such a dumb mistake.
check all of your fuses ALL OF THEM

im sure some of them blew out
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Check your fuses man.

I really have no clue, but everyone else is saying it so I thought i might as well join in.
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Fuses or circuits problem, but it would go complicated.


Now delete this thread ಠ_ಠ

Don't flame me
Alright thanks guys.
But how can fuses affect my engine revving so insanely high?
Does it have to do with my timing valves or something ?
When you geniously welded the fuses, then shocked the battery properly the jolt may have went straight to the spark plug and short it out or something, it doesnt ignite properly so the engine just tries again...does this a thousand times in a minute and u get mass rpm.

Replacing the spark plug shouldnt be too difficult but im not much of a grease monkey so dont take my word for it
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yeah i'll delete it...as soon as i know how...

Oh and we wired it wrong cause in the van, theres a red wire going to the negative instead of a black one, cause they usually do it backwards...for some reason..... and it was dark out.
Ohhh, SuPaGrAm is a thinker, well i'll first replace the fuses then check if it works properly...

Thanks guys

Now i'm going on the the adventure of a lifetime...deleting this thread...
You're lucky you didn't blow your battery completely.

You're going to have to take the van in.
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The reason it is electrical is because when you hook the battery up the opposite way, it feeds juice the opposite way, meaning that whatever is grounded is still positive. The battery also still has a little juice left over, causing those terminals to get really hot.

Basically, there are electrical components in the car that will blow if the electricity is pass through the wrong way, ie, some diodes. No, you didnt "short out" the spark plug, thats not how they work. Your car is EFI i am assuming? You might have a bad switching harness, which is basically a solenoid that moves when you apply an electrical current through (found in several places on the car, usually under the hood with the fuses that are there).

You might have to replace that. Its a circut or something, should be easily fixable when you take it into a shop. You shouldn't be paying more than $100 i think; of course, you could have blown every god damn thing (the radio, burned wires, "killed" the battery, etc.)

Anywas, lemmie know the outcome of taking it to the shop.
TS, you idiot.

Forcing that much current round the wrong way, I bet a fair few capacitors blew! A fuse will only blow if theres to much current going over, they are not polarity sensitive. So forcing current round the wrong way wont of caused them to blow.

ECU probably got a toasting, thats my bet.
The pit is not a doctor, or a mechanic.
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how the hell did you connect jumper cables wrong?
are you color blind or something?
curses! foiled again

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The pit is not a doctor, or a mechanic.

Wanna bet?

Dude disconnect your battery for about 5 minutes. Then reconnect it Positive terminal 1st then ground. That will force the computer to do a master reset. Should fix the overdrive problem.
The lights and instruments may be fuses but are more likely going to be fuse links in the wiring itself. Not something you are going to fix in your driveway. Sorry.
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The pit is not a doctor, or a mechanic.


(that's industrial mechanics)
curses! foiled again

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id say your ECU is shorted, that and your circuitry is probably fooked.
get it into a shop asap id say.
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