I have been looking around for a good amp that can really belt out some good pop-rock/punk tones. What I mean by that is tones like Paramore, Blink 182, Green Day etc. All those bands have a pretty similar guitar tone.

It needs to be loud enough to gig with, but still good for a bedroom amp. So 50w-100w sounds pretty good.

I have a price range from about $400-$800, but I am prepared to go a tad over the limit if necessary.

Hope you guys can help

I'll try and put up the links to a few vids so you can get an idea of what tone I want.

Some Vids:






There's an idea. I'll post more if I feel like it.
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Quote by Raxef

It needs to be loud enough to gig with, but still good for a bedroom amp. So 50w-100w sounds pretty good.

100w is Big time overkill.
You'll be fine with 20 or 30.
Blink used a Mesa Mark III and JCM900. Green Day uses JCM800s on Dookie, I'm not sure about their other albums. Paramore sounds like a Dual Rectifier on rhythm to me, and maybe a Marshall or an Orange on lead.

Basically, a recto tone for rhythm and an Marshally tone on leads would be ideal. Check out different amps and see what you like. JCM800, 900, 2000. Dual Rectifier. Stiletto. Orange Rockerverb.

In your price range, maybe a Traynor? B-52? Something similar to the amps I listed above, but without paying for a name.
It all depends on how raw you want to sound. The party punk of the late 90's and 00's lean to the Mesa amps. These are good but they lack the raw quality of the earlier punk. If you want the raw quality of early greenday or bad religion then get yourself a JCM 800. Or you could go back even further and get a Super Reverb for American style punk or a plexi for British.

If I were going to pick one I'd go with the JCM 800. Thats what was used in most of the vids you linked to.
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get a peavey valveking 112 ( 50w), its only $400 on musicians friend and its a tube amp!!! with the extra money, change the speaker and tubes of the amp and buy a overdrive pedal to boost ur amps distortion if u need more gain.
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