My Jackson DXMG has been used a pretty intensely since i bought it and so im starting to feel my guitar is becoming a little off balance. by balance i mean like the tightness of the strings compared to the action. i would sometimes sit and tweak with the action and the tightness but i can never find a sweet spot. How much do you think it will cost to take it to a professional to do it?
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Usually, if you know the right people, it can be between $30-$100 USD, depending on where you're at. Personally, I live in Michigan and get my guitars set up by one of the most renowned guitar techs in the state: 80% of any professional band that needs a guitar setup around Central LP of Michigan goes to this guy.

I started getting them done by him, through a friend of my step-father. He charges me $60 for my ESP MH-400 with the Floyd on it, and he sets it up better than it had ever been set up before. He charges me $40 for my Ibanez GRG170DX, too. So, for him, there's a $20 difference between a Floyd and a standard Bridge (I don't use the tremolo on the Ibanez).

Now, this guy personally does FULL setups for that price. New Strings, Intonation, Action, Bridge, Tuning, String-Stretching, Battery Change, etc.. Honestly, I love the guy for what he does, and wouldn't use anyone else.

I'd say shop/ask around and compare prices. Eventually, you'll find a tech you wont be able to play your guitar without.

Edit: By the way, tell your vocalist that he's gotta be careful, before he destroys his voice, and can never talk again. He's gotta find a comfortable scream-range, or train it: not force his range into what he wants.
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