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And Ariel smiled at me
2 67%
Bette Davis Eyes
1 33%
Voters: 3.
Just a note to all the participants, if you would like to change your piece for the next round PM me the piece.

And Ariel smiled at me

Tooth-marked cheek,
.....oh, so cheeked--
with pushing poles down wet velvet;
There, riverside, was a tree.
A tum-tum tree.
and I, oh me, looked to the
star in your eye, the east, and took
its current to Innisfree.
Left hell behind, with its
tongues stuck
in your jaw, pulling, pulling free.

And Ariel smiled at me.
Where we passed lime hills, that rolled
to meet lime trees.
Never was envy so pretty as then,
when Ariel smiled at me.
I could see through the Bell Jar, glass thick
but fever-warm,
and you stared and stared at me
And let the pills crawl past your teeth.
eight-legged and yellow, they laughed as
they twisted the stuck-tongues free.
The river bent up with mouth, and you
sank, sank past your feet.

Sighed, and were sick, puked
pink lungs, and I
cried, cried, Oh Please.
You begged me to let you sleep.
I pillowed your head on an oven rack,
and you sank to Innisfree. But,
looking back, shook your head
and with a frown upside-down, you said,
you said, 'You wouldn't know me from eve'.

Bette Davis Eyes

friday night
i reach for a beer
smile a crooked smile
there's not enough wilderness left
to cause any upheaval
when i invade.
bette davis eyes
looking up at me with sadness
i think they call it love
hair like katherine hepburn in
suddenly, last summer
a few strands stuck to her glossy lips
it's sexy
and suddenly, this summer i'm
d. h. lawrence
scribbling human touch behaviour
physical intimacy
leaking in the pages
a blasphemous contact
schoolboy naughtiness
dirty old man
street corner
sat looking up young girls' legs
a flash of pink underwear
the imagination runs on -
does the rest.
bring them home and make movies
a lifetime of them -
it's when the ****ing makes the
empty bottles
behind the headboard
i wonder why we do it all.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.