The bass section has this and I don't know why we aren't good enough to have one.

We should make a list of songs that are both challenging and fun to play. Its simple. Name the difficulty, name a song, name the artist, general genre (keep it simple like metal, rock, jazz, blues) and after we get enough I'll compile the list to make it more friendly and easy to find songs. If you don't know what genre it is or what category it would fall under just leave that blank.

Also any special effects that are needed to pull of the song correctly please list (like
"needs wah"). Assume that all users have a half decent distortion pedal.

The format when we're done would be similar to this:


Limp Bizkit
Behind Blue Eyes

Smells Like Teen Spirit


Right in two


Led Zeppelin
Ten Years Gone
Stairway to heaven (whole thing)
Cool idea man.

But Stairway to Heaven is not advanced lol. i've been playing a year and can play it all perfect. I'd like to propose Altitudes by Jason Becker thats definitely advanced. Madhouse by Anthrax is prolly beginner (not counting solo because you need some kind of effect for it).
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Yeah Maybe intermediate, but the solo is a bitch xD. Don't worry about effects that much.
There is a "What to play" in other forums. EG doesn't need one. Look in the Basics forum. The reason the Bass forum would have its own is because it caters specifically for bass guitar. The thread in the basics forum is for electric guitar.
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