Hey lol im not sure how many guitarists/bassists or whatever you all are know much about this because i sure as hell don't and am hoping y'all do

I want to use peroxide on my hair because i hear that is lightens your hair and looks quite 'natural' but was wondering a few things.

I know to mix it with water and put it in one of those spray bottles similar to window cleaners and that sh*t and spray it in your hair when your going to be in the sun. But i was wondering, my hair is dark brown what type of lighter will it go. Will it go lighter brown, blonde, or ranga (orange) i'd rather not the latter, alot!

what is the formula/ratio or whatever you want to call it to mix water and peroxide because im sure if i pull a rambo and do whatever it will suck hard and ill regret it.

its starting to heat up harrrrd in australia so if i sweat heaps will this stuff run out of my hair and take no affect?

anything else i might want to know would be appreciated, thanks in advance
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Go to a barber/hairdresser. They'll do a MUCH better job than you will.
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