So i have an ltd ec-500 with emg 81/60 on it. I curretly play on some cheap amp that i got from a friend so i want to upgrade it. My budget is about $350 at the most and i am going to go used even though i dont know a thing about amp. So if anyone can point me in right direction, i'll be greatly apperciated.

I play metal like A7X, BFMV
You're not gonna get much in the metal department for 350.
Up it a couple hundred you can get a used 5150, i think i've seen them used for about 450.
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Not gonna find anything good in the $350 range... you are going to have to bump it up a couple hundred in order to get something decent
so what option do i have right now? and let say i save up, what should i get?
Used 5150/6505 combo. You'll need about $350 more give or take. Don't waste your $350, keep saving. You won't regret it.

If you have to get something now, listen to a Peavey Vypyr.
i think i want to get something now cause i dont want my brand new ltd ec-500 sound like crap through the 30 bucks amp.
Used Randall G3. Only tube driven preamp metal amp. It isn't awful, I have one and love it for bedroom use since im not gigging all the time. I would rather have a 5150 combo tho.
so i read somewhere that emg better with tube, so i am down to 30x cube, Crate V series. Which do u think better buy? oh and i find b 52 at 2x12, i use search and ppl say it great for metal, 1 guy sell it for 325 at my area So can anyone me decide here?

i only play in bedroom so i think 2x12 with 100 watt gonna be too loud