I'm getting my AC30 soon and the Triple Recto is gone, so I was thinking about selling my Viper as it would not get much use, but then I figured I could just swap the pickups and keep it useful, I'm thinking about a P-90 in the bridge and not sure for the neck, any P-90 recommendations?

Standard P90s won't really fit, but you could get a humbucker sized P90 like the Duncan Phat Cat - what kind of sound you loking for and what country are you in?
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As far as sound is concerned I'm just looking to make this guitar stand out from my others, I already have a Les Paul with humbuckers, a tele, a strat and wanted something with p-90 style pickups, like a LP jr. Probably will use it for ATDI and Sparta style rock. I'm from Canada by the way.
ATDI are amazing. I'm actually really into ATDI/TMV, and was going to get a Tele with a Duncan Rails pickups to attempt to cop a similar vibe to Omar's plethora of guitars (either that, or a Mustang...or both :p ), but the viper with some P-90s would get a nice, warmer sound than a tele or mustang that'd still be kick ass. Omar did use a Gibson SG-X with a humbucker in it for live situations (in addition to lots of other guitars), so maybe something like a JB in the bridge? The Duncan Phat Cats are really nice at making a really warm guitar snappier, so maybe a set of those too.
those Mississippi ones BKP make - holy hell - they are going to be in my next L.P for sure! they even handle high gain well!
doesn't Matt Bellamy use those in the neck position of a few of his Mansons? God, if I ever got a high end guitar with P-90s, Mississippie Queens would go in there pronto, they sound REALLY good.
Did you already buy the AC30? If not, I have a better one for you:
I'd rather have a Hayseed than a Vox.

Anyway, I'd recommend the Pig 90 from sdpickups.com. Very good pickup, and will be a better value than the ones from Bareknucklepickups.
Here's a demo:
Where did you pick up an Edwards guitar? Where do you live? How much was it?
I live in Transcona, right in the middle of Canada, I had it shipped in from a guy in Vancouver, paid just under $600.
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I live in Transcona, right in the middle of Canada, I had it shipped in from a guy in Vancouver, paid just under $600.
Transcona? You mean Winnipeg right? I'm by KP mall right now. Where do you live? Past Plesis? Past Day?
Your Viper looks awesome. I have an LTD myself. Strange how near we are to each other!
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based on the very few i've tried, not great.
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