I hawe a little string problem , the 6th string is realy hard to tune
and it goes out of tune in like 30 minutes of playing.
And all the strings keep breaking down.
I used Yamaha 9 strings and now i'm using Gibson strings
, they're holding longer but sill breaking down a low.
I play like 1 hour per day and i hawe to buy 1-2 strings pagages per month ?
Is this normal ? Mostly the 4 and 5 strings 're geting broken
so i hawe a lot of other in spair . Thnx for the help .
It's probably your guitar. Where abouts are they breaking? Because it could be due to rough edges on your saddles, nuts and machine heads.
And the tuning could be due to lousy tuners etc.

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They're breaking on the seadle. But the sadle edges're rounded up . I use a beginer Behringer El Toro. My friend has the same and it works yust fine. The gutar is in my living room in the 1st floor and it's real dusty here . So the strings 're sometimnes covered whit a blacks something when i change them usali the 6th aned the 5th string but it kind of funy that i changed the 1st and the 2nd only one .