I am deciding between this two guitars.
Can anybody tell me, which one of this is better.
I play rock, hardrock, rocknroll, and a little bit of punk and heavy metal.

Thanks for answers.
Epi is pretty good, my brother has 1 and he's really pleased with it. It feels like its worth much more than it really is. Haven't had experience with the Ibanez though
i hate ibanez.
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If it still matters to you, get the epiphone, it sounds similar to the ibanez and plays similarly, but for the same price you're getting better looks, and epiphones loose their value slower than ibanezs
i liked my first zakk wylde so much i bought another they are abit hit and miss though compared to ibanez models

but you know they are both great guitars just try both out and see which you like best
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