Ok, so a few weeks ago my Flying V Faded finally arrived from Gibson USA (I live in Europe, had to wait 2 months for it to be imported). As soon as it arrived I started jamming on it. However, as soon as I tuned down to drop c, my strings became very, very loose. Realising this I tuned 'em back to standard but the string tension was still loose as f*ck. I put them in drop d now and they're still loose as hell.

I know there have been some topics about drop c strings, and personally my preferation goes out to those GHS Boomers, since they got good reviews and opinions. I've never tried 'em before though. But are there any other strings you guys advise me to get? I'm using .9 gauge now, them being D'addario regular fit.
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I've currently got Ernie Ball 12-56's on my schecter and its fine for drop c

the strings, i mean
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hmm i have erinie ball 11-48 and they work fine for drop c and lower
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Allmost any Heavy Gauge Strings should hold, Perhaps it was badly strung, dont forget to leave pleanty of room to wind it around
11s or 12s will cut it.
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It doesn't matter what brand they are, you just need a heavier gauge.
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Since its such an awesome guitar. try heavier gauge, but if it dosent work, i would take it in to a good guitar store (aka not one with high school kids behind the counter)

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