My guitar teacher is slowly quitting music and getting money for a new home with his GF. He sold me a mint condition Epi Les Paul Elitist for 750$ which is awesome and he offered me the amp on the title. I've read reviews on it and its basically the aprox. sound of Fender's clean channels with the aprox. sound of Marshall's oldschool gain.

He is asking only 600$ for it and he's trust worthy. Hell, he even said if I lack the money(which I do), he'll do a deal with me, like some amount at first, then I can pay the rest later.

I'm near buying it, any opinions?

Edit: I love versatile amps and guitars because I play everything and this amp seems to get the best of both worlds.

Edit2: Amp's link to the official Rivera website: http://www.rivera.com/products/rseries/r100-212.php
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Are they still in business? I remember a store when I was a kid had them, they were expensive.

I had to play through one one time at a gig where we had to share an amp with a few other bands, but couldn't gt a good sound out of it - too many knobs. It had a cloak knob which I always thought was kinda funny.
I agree on the knob thing. Need more opinions! ^^
Anyone else know? I normally search myself for info and videos but its a discontinued amp from before I was even born.