has anybody used one? im getting a new amp soon and it caught my attention. I play stuff like Underoath, The devil wears prada, paramore, norma jean, bring me the horizon. But id like it to be able to play other stuff if needed. I was also looking at the half stack flexwave but i wasnt really sure if it would be worth it
terrible amps...(if you want to know why, just do a search here)
what's your budget and do you gig/play in a band
and what type of music do you play?
They are IMO the worst amps I've ever played; even worse than MG's and Spider III's, which means a lot.
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oh wow good thing i asked lol. uhh im trying to get a band together now and 400 probably the most i can go :/ i got 200 from my spider 3 warrenty cuz my friend broke it and 200 from my birthday i just had and im only 15 so i dont really have a good way to make money. I play pop-punk and like heavyer music idk i listed the bands in the origional post
well you look like you haven't wandered much in here much, so read some of the stickies to get an idea.

Halfstacks under 1500 are usually crap
Tube > SS
If you are gigging, I would reccomend, in your pricerange

Peavey Valveking
Used Peavey Ultra
Used Peavey VTM
Used Crate Blue Voodoo
Roland Cube 60

I would look into all options. Remember to check Craigslist and ebay for used stuff.
The Crate Flexwave 120 was the worst amp I have ever played. Stay far away, far, far, away...
mkay it kind of has to be from guitar center because $200 of the money is from my warrenty of my broken amp. so i cant go on ebay or craigslist
dude, the FW isnt that bad.
i thought it was terrible at first,
but it just took a little EQing
Quote by Highwaytohell
Than your best bet is a valveking

in all honesty, my FW has better tone than my
friends VK.
only half as loud, but sounds better.