Please recommend me some good theory books, that will cover scales, modes, chord construction, harmony, harmony with vocals... just about everything I guess.

I've been playing guitar for a couple years an I did take music class once, but I forgot everything and now that I have joined a band it is time for me to learn how and what I am playing and how I can play with others.

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I've head about some Berkley edition books (like 3 of them) that are great.. That's what I've heard at least.. Does anyone know where to find those and if they are any good? (I'm guessing that they are awesome since its Berkley).

PS: It's "Berkley" or "Berklee"?

Edit: It's Berklee! I also found the book


3 tomes all in all.. I'm gonna buy this actually!
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As a beginner..."The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory - Michael Miller "
After you got the basics you can move on to
"The Jazz Theory Book - Mark Levine" for advanced stuff.

"Modern method for guitar Vol.1,2,3 by Berklee" are also good practical books with lots of exercises as mentioned in the above post.
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