I was looking through one of my issues of Guitar World, and I found an ad for something called Jam Vox, which immediately caught my attention because of it's guitar extraction software. Basically, what it does, or so they say, is remove the guitar part from any MP3, and allow you to play along with the vocals, drums, and bass, where you'd take the part of the guitarist. It would also allow you to play along with the extracted guitar part, and allow you to modify the tempo for practice, as well as record whatever you play.

Has anyone bought Jam Vox? I was hoping for some input because it really seemed like something worthwhile, especially since only 1 person I know who plays guitar is into hard rock/metalcore/metal like I am and he really lives out of the way, along with knowing no bassists/drummers who are also into that stuff, so the whole jamming thing appeals to me.
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Can someone explain to me what is this sub genre of fag metal? I have never heard it before.